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Consulting Practice

With formal education in law, philosophy, and library and information science, twenty-eight years of experience as a law library director in both academic and governmental settings, and eighteen years as the chief administrative officer of a small special district government, Charles Dyer brings a wealth of both theoretical and practical knowledge to his consulting practice. As a former law professor and a continuing scholar, he remains on the cutting edge of modern research and theory. Within his wide array of interests, he specializes in the three areas noted below.

Please note that, in his role as consultant, Charles Dyer uses the third person to describe himself on this page and the pages below. That is done specifically to enable him to distinguish his specific role from accomplishments of others who have worked for him. He does not like to take credit for the accomplishments of others, but does take credit for hiring and training them. On other pages where appropriate, such as the Research pages, he will use the first person.

Self-Represented Litigation

Charles Dyer consults with law libraries and court systems to address their needs in serving people who are trying to represent themselves in court. His specialities are determining where in the system different self-represented litigants ought to be served and aiding the service to the litigants who need the most help. He adds to his years of building practical programs by studies in cognitive science and linguistics in order to aid organizations in understanding how self-represented litigants think and perceive their legal problems. For more, click here.

Legislative Advocacy

Charles Dyer consults with libraries, court systems, and professional associations with regard to legislative advocacy on behalf of their objectives. He specializes in training others for both grass root support and lobbying legislators, governors, county governments, and similar decision-making agencies. He trains others to recognize the occasions when they need to build a quickly comprehensible presentable package or when they need to present a deep analysis of an issue and then to create the proper tools for the advocacy goal at hand. For more, click here.

Public Law Libraries

After an award-winning career as a director of one of the major public law libraries, Charles Dyer is available to consult on such topics as organization, board relations, administration, budgeting, staff development and personnel, and goal setting. Well-versed in several modern management theories, he understands their application and limitations. He can help an organization determine its mission and devise strategic and long-term objectives. He also has years of work and training in both private fund raising and grantsmanship and can help set up such programs at other libraries. For more, click here.

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